Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to E-Course Creation for Beginners

  • 2

    Start here

    • Lesson 1: Getting started
    • Lesson 2: Why create an e-course?
    • Lesson 3: Key terms and definitions
  • 3

    Researching similar online courses

    • Lesson 1: Researching similar e-courses
  • 4

    Building an e-course description

    • Lesson 1: Selecting a course title
    • Lesson 2: Identifying an audience
    • Lesson 3: E-course prerequisites
  • 5

    Gathering, organizing and writing e-course content

    • Lesson 1: Gathering and organizing e-course content
    • Lesson 2: Organizing modules and lesson plans (outline)
    • Lesson 3: Writing e-course content (your writing voice)
    • Lesson 4: Setting learning objectives
    • Lesson 5: E-course add-ons
  • 6

    Pricing the course

    • Lesson 1 - Pricing the e-course
    • Lesson 2: E-course pricing types
  • 7

    Authoring tool best practices

    • Lesson 1: Functionality
    • Lesson 2: User Experience (UX)
    • Lesson 3: Visual appeal
    • Lesson 4: Pick a platform to grow with
  • 8

    Summary and next steps

    • Congrats! You finished E-Course Creation for Beginners
  • 9

    Course feedback

    • E-Course Creation for Beginners Survey

Meet Your Instructor

Erin Jordan

Chief Creative Strategist

Erin Jordan

Hi I'm Erin! I've worked with global brands as the CEO and Chief Creative Strategist for EJDesign Firm for 15 years leading projects for entrepreneurs, startups, nonprofits, educational, state and government institutions.  ​ I enjoy life-long learning and launched EJDesign Firm University to help others broaden their knowledge to generate real profits that accomplish short and long-term goals. I can't wait to learn about how you plan on utilizing the knowledge you've gained from EJDesign Firm University. Be sure to connect with me online at Never stop learning!

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